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Where talent is cultivated, and creativity is

encouraged...success follows.

Souell Productions

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Souell Productions

Madelyn Shackelford Washington

Fax: 805-581-3311

Email: info@souell.com

About us...

Souell is a corporation that embraces all cultures, and styles of music and dance.  It places their artists in a nurturing environment that promotes inventiveness and originality, creating a massive artistic explosion for all the world to see.  The founder, Madelyn Shackelford Washington, hopes that Souell will not only provide good technical background, but will enhance the spirit and touch the soul of all who are involved.

Souell Productions has many working groups up and running within the organization. 
Absolute Freedom is a small group of choreographers developing their passion through improvisation.  Pride works primarily with Brazilian and African drummers learning technique in Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, & West African styles of dance, as well as touching on a bit of ethnomusicology. The company's newest development is ShakaraShakara consists of tappers, funksters, and jazzers.  The two choreographers of Shakara, Cameo Fasulo and Madelyn Washington, have recently returned from their South American tour.